About us

​Inspiration is the driving force that makes a difference in the view of every event or matter. At the same time, it is an important support factor in the periods of research, development and production. Following our inspiration, we started a family company – a father and two sons – which we aim to establish as a renowned European company for processing and production of art and decorative glass.

Research is the basis of all progress, and we at Bokart glass are very well aware of the fact that every segment, every peculiarity and inspiration has to be involved in the research phase. Glass is a material that gives you the ability to shape and adapt, but it requires you to understand it and respect its laws. It’s a very interesting game between man and glass, where one can explore what glass can bring out in its beauty of design and how the ideas encompass more than just glass. Your idea requires you to place glass in the space, to try to adjust it with other materials and space, with light and with its power as a reflective material that encompasses all the elements of its environment.

Development is a process in which we search for an optimal vision for our idea and look at what the glass can offer. It is precisely in this process that it is very important not to look for revolutionary ideas, but rather a close cooperation between you as a carrier of ideas and inspiration and us, who are looking for solutions that will fully convey your vision in glass. In this process, we will collaborate with one another, research and test the limits of your inspiration in our glass. At this stage, you will be supported by a team that has enough tricks up their sleeves due to experience to help you develop your vision. The team of graphic, fine and sculptural, as well as machine and mechanical masters is ready to monitor and perform all the necessary actions for the preparation and execution of the project.

Production is the final process of all preparatory works in which we sought to fulfill the potential of glass and the technical possibilities of glass processing. The production process not only consists of our diversity, flexibility and agility in performance, but also includes logistical readiness for timely performance and the possibility of delivery and installation on site. When the aim is high quality, or the highest possible quality performance, synchronized action of all segments of the production process is a must. We have honed these skills and processes for this very aim for the last 15 years of the new factory’s existence. We have implemented projects in diverse locations all over the world and we are looking forward to new challenges and possibilities.


Headquarters: Staklarska ulica 4, 10370 Dugo Selo, Croatia

Board members: Neven Kvesić, Danel Kvesić

E-mail:  info@bokart.hr

​Tel: 01/4574-710

Court where the company is registered in the Court Register:
Commercial Court in Zagreb

The number under which the company is registered in the Court Register:


Bank: Erste banka, Zagreb

IBAN:  HR2724020061100292949

Basic capital: 20.000,00 kn, uplaćen u cijelosti


MB: 01768859

MBS: 080472092

PDV ID: HR74318681817