The airbrush technique implies the application of paint to glass by spraying glass paints that are further melted at a high temperature. The paint is applied in the mist-like form onto the surface of the glass, so that after firing, the paint is conjoined with the glass. This technique allows for more opulent treatments of the glass surface, softer relief transitions and color transitions.

 Colors can be transparent or opaque, depending on the purpose. With the development of technology and architectural requirements, hand-blown glass does not achieve the required resistance and safety, and a new way of long-lasting glass coloring is needed.

In order for the paint to remain on the glass permanently, heat treatment is a must in order to bond it to the substrate and ensure durability and quality. With the purpose of applying the paint evenly and preparing the glass for further painting, we use a spray tool with which we apply the paint evenly and consistently pigmented to the glass.