The BOKART company, as the most important entity in the development of modern and traditional techniques of art glass processing in this part of Europe, aware of its social responsibility, contributes in a special way to the preservation of cultural and historical heritage through the project “Heritage”, especially in the part related to the restoration and conservation of valuable historical stained glass windows and other objects of artistic craft.
So far, we have completed many extremely successful projects under the institutional supervision of the best Croatian restorers and conservators and under the excellent expert guidance of Jeronim Tišljar, senior restorer and conservator of glass who continues the family tradition of stained glass master Nikola from 1899.

The most significant projects took place in: The Croatian Parliament, the Croatian State Archives, the Palace of the Veliki Tabor Castle, the Governor’s Palace in Rijeka, the administrative building of the bank Hrvatska poštanska banka, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Shrine of Our Lady of Bistrica and the Pauline Monastery in Kamensko.
A good knowledge of today rare and forgotten glass procedures allows us to restore the heritage by applying classic stained glass techniques, grinding and casting techniques of unique applications, implementing velvet structures by etching and making perfect replicas of glass forms by blowing. We are proud of the achieved quality and aesthetic excellence of the restoration and conservation of art glass as our contribution to the promotion and preservation of Croatian and European cultural heritage.


Protective glazing is specially fabricated for certain requirements, i.e. for weather protection, energy preserving, protecting historically valuable windows against pollution or aggressive environmental influences, condensation water prevention, protection against damage due to vandalism, etc. With this system of protective glazing, we enhance the thermal and acoustic isolation of the window, which ultimately brings up the quality of the project and ensures the longevity of the glass.

Protective glazing can be done in various simulations of antique transparent glass, or even semi-transparent structured glass that changes the optic and eliminates the reflection effect of the window. The glazing is finalized in tempered or laminated glass, depending on the requirements of the project.