General Terms and Conditions

of the company BOKART d.o.o.


  • The prices are determined by the Offer and expressed in the unit of measure per quantity or as the total contracted price
  • The prices may be revised after the final measurement and endorsed implementation plans has there been a change in the quantity, manner of performance, selected design or components of the product offered
  • The prices have been calculated according to the quantities applied as expressed in the Offer and production within one batch. In the event of a change in quantity or dividing the order into several smaller orders at different times, the price may and must change, and revalidation of the latest state of affairs is required before taking any further action
  • The prices are applicable until the date stated in the Offer 

Technical designs

  • Technical designs and a single revision of the said designs as per the customer’s feedback are included in the price specified in the Offer
  • All additional revisions of the designs (after the first revision) shall be charged according to the hourly rate at a price of €45.00 per hour
  • All designs developed by the BOKART company are considered the intellectual property of the BOKART company under the copyright law and may not be further used and developed without the express permission of the BOKART company, unless otherwise agreed
  • The customer is obliged to send a written notice/confirmation of receipt of the designs by the BOKART company within 72 hours (3 working days) – the agreed delivery date is only valid if the customer has responded within the given time frame
  • With each additional revision of the approved designs, BOKART reserves the right to change the agreed delivery date
  • BOKART shall inform the customer of possible changes regarding the completion of assembly or product delivery no later than 5 working days after receiving feedback on the submitted designs 

In the event that the ongoing production comes to a halt or there is a change in the designs after the customer has approved them pursuant to the provisions of the previous paragraphs of these General Terms and Conditions – production, designing, storage and any other costs incurred for this reason shall be charged to the customer. In this case, the completion of production and delivery deadlines shall be extended pro rata with the halt in the production.

Changes to the order

  • BOKART is obliged to inform the customer of all possible price changes no longer than one week after receiving the request from the customer or their representative (architect/designer/project manager/supervisor)
  • The change request shall be considered valid only if it is received via e-mail (communication via WhatsApp, SMS, phone call or in person shall not be considered valid)
  • If the customer is not able to wait for a revised offer from BOKART d.o.o. due to the approaching deadline for delivery or any other reason, the customer is considered to have accepted the additional cost that will be calculated after taking over the goods and prior to the correction of possible deficiencies

The costs of transport and packaging are specified in the Offer. If the customer requests multiple instances of transport or partitioning of the packaging, the costs shall be revised

Measurement and assembly

The price of the measurement, including the number of site visits, is specified in the Offer. Each site visit for the sake of measurement and coordination at the facility exceeding the number of visits specified in the Offer shall be charged €100.00, with additional travel fees and daily allowances in case the facility is located outside of Zagreb.

The assembly includes the quantities and work on the assignments as specified in the Offer. Any and all additional works shall be charged at an hourly rate of €40.00. In the event that additional works impose further costs related to the material, accommodation or worker’s wages, the costs in question shall too be charged additionally to the customer.

The costs of assembly are based on day work. If, however, project execution also requires work at night or during the weekend which was not agreed upon in advance, the assembly costs shall be revised.

Unless otherwise specified in the Offer, special equipment such as forklifts, scaffolding and the like is not included in the assembly price.

BOKART guarantee

Basic guarantee

The duration of the guarantee is 2 (two) years. The guarantee period is calculated from the date of purchase of the product or the date of installation if the BOKART company is the one performing the installation. The condition of the guarantee is the presentation of the original invoice. The guarantee covers all glass supplied by the BOKART company. BOKART guarantees that the product will function as intended if properly used and maintained according to the instructions of the BOKART company. BOKART guarantees that the company shall correct the deficiencies in the glass or other delivered material free of charge during the lifetime of the guarantee, and within a reasonable time from the date of receipt of the complaint. 


Situations not covered by the BOKART guarantee – Exclusion of liability

The guarantee shall be terminated in case of:

- Non-compliance with the attached assembly and maintenance instructions

- Negligent conduct with respect to the product

- Damage to the product caused by mechanical shock due to the customer’s or third party’s fault

- Installation of the product by a non-qualified person

- Subsequent installation of non-original components or spare parts

- Damage as a result of force majeure or natural disturbances (flooding, freezing, thunderstorms, fires, hail, etc.).

Guarantee conditions:

Guarantee conditions are applicable only to products purchased under the BOKART brand through the company’s official enterprise channels.


All decorative glass designs are handmade, and variations in colour, texture and shape may occur. For this reason, they are not considered a defect, but an integral part of the product. The design is just an informative representation of the glass and may not show all variations in characteristics.

Any change in colour or appearance of the design must be approved by the customer prior to production.

Glass dimensions

Dimensional tolerances for glass: +/- 2 mm

Dimensional tolerances for embossed glass: +/- 3mm

Tolerances can be even smaller if required, but that calls for additional treatment and therefore an increase in the price of the product. 

Glass inspection

During the visual inspection, the glass is observed from a distance of 1.5 m. All imperfections, scratches or peculiarities not visible from this distance are considered an integral part of the product.