Regardless of its invisibility, glass is a truly unique phenomenon that visually connects the exterior with the interior, expanding the boundaries of our perceptual space and contributing to the atmosphere and feeling of the space in which we live. When we understand the importance of glass in shaping our living spaces, the story of glass itself starts to unfold.

As an essential characteristic and source of beauty in general, light is a reflection of the divine truth on Earth and a witness to the perfection of the cosmos. The sublime symbolism of light could fully come to life in sacral interiors precisely thanks to the expressive possibilities of stained glass.

Stained glass windows become the focus of the construction of sacred church spaces, building on the concept of primordial light in Christianity and the relationship to which it refers, since light reveals the primordial constancy of man in relation to the Divine Spirit.

Continuous technological progress in the production of glass in the present day enables countless possibilities of expression and technological complementation of the initial artistic idea. Modern stained glass windows are created in close cooperation between glass technicians, designers, artists and customers in modern factories, such as the Bokart studio – which we urge you to visit at any point in time.