Church of St. Francis Xavier

Zagreb, Croatia
Artist: akademik Zlatan Vrljan

Production: Bokart 2022.

New windows designed by the Croatian scholar called Zlatan Vrljan have been placed at the shrine of Saint Francis Xavier, as part of an 18th century church built by Jesuits and then reconstructed by friars.
A church that has suffered severe damage in a recent, devastating earthquake, has been rebuilt and vivified with extraordinary new art glass windows. The images on these 6 large windows represent the 4 apostles and their specific personalities expressed through diverse colors and lines. The life of Saint Francis is depicted in blue, while the Eucharist is represented as a circular motion of colors.
The glass was painted with transparent ceramic colors in several layers with structural glass as the background. The finishing touch is a beautiful transformation of the light and colors in contact with other colors that enter the interior of the church in a simple and elegant manner.